Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mercy's Eyes
            The Lord will perfect that which  concerneth me: Thy mercy O Lord, endureth forever:
 forsake not the work of Thine own hands. Psalm 38:8 KJV
 This is a confession. There is a godly woman in my life, and I don't like her much less love her. I need to say that she has never done or said anything mean to me. I just find her annoying. She is what I would call a sandpaper sister. She rubs me the wrong way. There was no "They will know us by our love," going on. I think because we don't go to the same church, and just occasionally cross paths in social situations I haven't dealt with my attitude. Oh, but the One who will perfect that which concerns me didn't let it slide, and I am so grateful.
Yesterday I was driving into town having a conversational prayer with the Lordwhen seemingly out of nowhere, she came to mind. This question came to me,"What do you think she was like as a little girl?" I tried to imagine her carefree and playing. I know it must have happened, but as an adult she reminds me of the Veggie Tale© song “I'm busy, busy, dreadfully busy; you've no idea what I have to do. Busy, busy, shockingly busy; much, much too busy for you." It was hard to think of her unencumbered. Then a second question came to mind. “Do you think she was praised and loved just for who she was?”  I think the answer was, "No." I realized I was seeing her through Mercy’s eyes. I cried for her brokenness and mine. My heart was grateful that He will continue His work on both of us. He will not forsake the works  of His hands. I don't think I will ever view her in the same judgmental way again. Mercy led me to look through His eyes, and it changed me.
Am I the only one? Is there anyone you need to view with His eyes? Lord, be Thou our vision.

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