Saturday, April 4, 2009

That Kind of Love

I am including both the lyrics and a radio interview where Pierce Pettis, the author and singer performs That Kind of Love. As I listened,I was riveted by the insight and powerfully simple declaration of the love that never fails.
It took me back to a time before I knew Jesus. I was sitting on the floor in our little apartment kitchen talking to my husband. I was trying to get back to some kind of normal after taking a hallucinogenic drug. I remember remarking to him that whoever had composed the Lord's prayer (yes, I was THAT clueless) was a genius because he had hit on the heart of human need. We are all searching for a father's love. I knew that I was searching for a love that kept eluding me. Like so many others I kept looking in all the wrong places and coming up empty. One night not too long after that insight He wrapped his loving arms around me and I experienced That Kind of Love.
The lyrics are so true that it can't be bought and it can't be faked. I do want to be remembered by that kind of love. I am not even close, but my journey isn't over is it?
Hope you are inspired by the lyrics and the unique style of Pierce Pettis. The song ends at the 4:00 minute mark and the interview resumes.
That Kind of Love by Pierce Pettis

Can't be bought or sold or faked

That kind of love

Always gives itself away

That kind of love

Wiser than the wisest sage

Its innocence makes me ashamed

Til I'm not sure I can take

That kind of love

Pride and hatred cannot stand

That kind of love

Greater love hath no man

Than that kind of love

Ir won't be kept unto itself

It spreads its charm, casts its spell

No one's safe this side of hell

From that kind of love

Love rejected and ignored

Held in chains, behind closed doors

Stuff of legend and of songs

Deep down everybody longs (for)

That kind of love . . . oh, that kind of love

Some people never know

That kind of love

Though it only takes a child to show

That kind of love

Widows smile and strong men weep

Little ones play at it's feet

The deaf can hear and blind can see

That kind of love

Love triumphant, love on fire

Love that humbles and inspires

Love that does not hesitate

No conditions, no restraints

That kind of love . . . oh, that kind of love

How could anyone deny

That kind of love

And every heart is measured by

That kind of love

Even stars fall from the sky

Everything will fall in time

Except those things that cannot die

That kind of love

Oh, may you be remembered by

That kind of love Love

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