Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Okra as Art Form

I don't usually put recipes on here, but I am making an exception today. Yesterday I was watching Paula Deen, yes, it is a guilty pleasure of mine. She was cooking Cajun fried okra. Since I grow okra and we've been eating it in many ways, some that are even healthy....I decided to try Paula's version. I'll include the link below. Oh my goodness...elevates the lowly okra to an appetizer worthy art form. Her recipe is huge, and I just wanted a sample batch so even as mathmatically challenged as I was wonderful. Yes, I ate the whole thing, alone. One of the privileges of the test cook. I know my husband and he will gladly subject himself to this new recipe. Wow! Really good. The dipping sauce is spicy, but I am a fan of the chili garlic sauce that you can find in the Chinese section. My picture turned out almost as pretty as hers and I am sure she has a food stylist. Way to go Paula, good one!

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