Thursday, June 17, 2010


I recently had to wrestle with a forgiveness issue. I was hurt and deeply disappointed by someone. I went back and read again something that James MacDonald had written while he was on a sabbatical. The quotes below really struck a chord with me. Especially what his friend wrote about in our imperfections we sometimes, “Drag our weirdness into situations.” Can anyone but me identify with that statement?

James’ excerpt: Kathy and I have had a lot of time to walk and talk and process so much that has happened. The praises go with you all the days of your life but the pains have to be left behind. Week by week Kathy and I have been talking and praying about a ‘bonfire.’ It won’t be a literal one but we will be gathering up all the ‘hard parts’ and our relational disappointments in a very focused way and entrusting those to God as we head out into a new season of joyful fruit bearing for God’s glory. I encourage you to have a ‘bonfire’ too if you need one, they are so important and life giving. A recent email paragraph from a friend said it well.

We live in such an imperfect world and we are such imperfect people that it is no wonder we drag our weirdness into situations. When it seems impossible or unfruitful to attempt to unscramble the complexities of life I have learned the peace and profit of turning it over to our Lord and keeping focused on the joy of all that lies ahead with malice toward none.

Isn’t that an excellent word? Even as closets and garages need seasonal cleanouts so do our hearts from hurts and disappointments. I intend to ask the Lord what needs to go on the bonfire so I can keep focused on the joy ahead with malice toward none. Does anything need to go on your bonfire?


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