Monday, September 7, 2009

Joyful Prayers

I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, offering prayer with joy in my every prayer for you all, in view of your participation in the gospel from the first day until now. Philippians 1:3-5

It is necessary to pray for the lost. I think we all know that. It is also extremely important that we pray for those who are serving the Lord in ministry. The responsibilities are great and the pressures can be unrelenting. Paul prayed for those who were partners with him in the spreading of the gospel. They weren't just takers, they were givers. They weren't just watchers, they were workers. I know so many people whose ministry is also their occupation. They are faithfully witnessing and being sermons in shoe leather. They are living it out in their neighborhoods, offices, and in business. Paul said, "I remember you and I am offering prayers for you, in view of your participation in the gospel." We need to pray for every faithful servant. You will never know until you get to heaven if perhaps your prayers kept someone from throwing in the towel. Your prayers could bring a surge of encouragement, strength to resist temptation, protection from an evil scheme of the enemy. Don't ever think your prayers don't matter. Ask God to bring people to your mind by His Spirit Christians who need your prayers.
If you are in need ask God to lay you on someone's heart. I believe He will totally honor such a request. I think even in the area of prayer we reap what we sow and we have not because we ask not. I had an amazing thing happen. One night as I was turning off my bedside lamp to go to sleep, the names of a friend's daughters came to mind. I prayed for both of them before dropping off to sleep. The next morning their mother who lives at least 25 minutes from me showed up at our front door. She said that she felt impressed to come and pray for my mother-in-law who lived with us. My friend is shy and not given to such boldness. When I told her about my prayers for her daughters the night before, we stood in awe of the One who was working in our lives. Only He could have orchestrated that. It was no mere coincidence. He let us know that He was concerned about our burdens as well as those of others. Isn't He good?

MY PRAYER: Lord, I thank you that by your Holy Spirit you will remind me to pray for my brothers and sisters. Help me to realize that those who are spreading the gospel are in need of my prayers. As I strive to live my life for you, I trust that you will lead others to pray for me as well. What a privilege and what joy we have to undergird and strengthen others through intercession. In Jesus' Name!

MY CONFESSION: The Holy Spirit will bring to mind those who are in need of my prayers today. I will offer those prayers with joy knowing that I am a participant in their efforts. This is an offering of great delight to you. I am strengthened by the knowledge that Jesus ever lives to make intercession for His people. I stand on Your Word.

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