Friday, October 2, 2009

Prayer for the Philippines

As some of you know, my nephew, Scott, and his family have lived and ministered in the Philippines for many years. I am including a prayer request from Francis Frangipane's ministy. Please pray for this country and my nephew.

Super-typhoon roaring toward the Philippines Philippine president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, has declared a nationwide "state of calamity" as it braces for the arrival of a powerful super-typhoon, just days after another storm caused the country's worst flooding in decades.Forecasters have warned that Parma, a category five storm, will hit the islands on Saturday. This is after hundreds were killed and the city of Manila flooded by typhoon Ketsana. This is an an extremely serious situation. Please, let us stand in prayer for the Filipino people. Let's pray that the strength of this category five storm will rapidly diminish. Let us also give sacrificially to relief agencies that can get vital food, medicines and basic necessities to the people in need.Finally, let us continue to intercede for the Samoan Islands, Tonga and Indonesia, all recently devastated by earthquakes. Reuters AlertNet - World Vision Preparing for the Worst as 'Super Typhoon Parma' Bears Down on Philippines

Thank you!
Francis Frangipane


Samantha Coronado said...

hey i'm a student from the philippines and i read your blog. thanks for your prayers. :)

Carol Ray Lackland said...

You are welcome Samantha. I hope to visit the Philippines someday soon.