Monday, November 16, 2009

Esther, The Whole Megillah

Just finishing up leading Beth Moore's Esther study tonight. I decided to review the whole study for the women and ending up writing it in poem form. Not great art...just great fun for me and hopefully a walk down memory lane for my fellow study mates. Here it is, don't cringe just go with it.

The story of Esther begins with a mess
A queen shuns her king in front of his guests.
He sends her away but to his great dismay
He begins to remember they had some good days.

His closest companions see his deep melancholy
put their heads together and came up with this folly.
We'll hold a contest throughout this great land
and base it on looks…could even God use this plan?

The one chosen queen is of God’s ancient seed
Mordecai stands unbending reed.
Haman likes people to bow and to scrape
but he finds that this Jew he can’t intimidate.

He delivers a plan that Xerxes approved
A time is set for Jews to be removed.
We learn there is a history behind this meanness
an ancient feud fuels this evil genius.

Mourning and terror grip the land
Mordecai steps forward to urge a plan
upon the queen who is uncertain of favor
who sees herself as an unlikely savior.

With fear and trembling fasting and prayer
Esther steps forward to see does he care?
She is resigned that one way or another
this is the pathway there is no other.

In the midst of the Jew’s desperate pleading
a king cannot sleep, he needs some dull reading.
He soon learns he’s an ungrateful lout
and sends out a call for who is walking about.

Haman’s hatred is boiling and building
a scaffold to impale a man who needs killing.
Instead he describes for the king the high honor
he wants for himself, but gets nothing but horror.

Parading through town surely he’s dreaming
Praising a Jew what could be more demeaning?
The handwriting is beginning to show on the wall
It seems that this Haman is starting to fall.

Three are sitting at a table or is there four
Is this human wrestling or is there more?
Esther appeals as Haman unravels
to his own scaffold he soon will travel.

Another edict is put into place
It flies through the land at a quickening pace.
Stand up and defend your home and your kin
If you need more days then the time we’ll extend.

So here we are at the end of this trail
King Xerxes, Queen Esther and Mordecai’s tale.
For those who have hearts taught by this story
The real King’s unveiled and reigning in glory.
It has been a wonderful study. Much better than this poem. If you get a chance to take it..I highly recommend it!

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